Re-Sight Islam

Faith and Patience

February 12, 2019

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Faith and Patience - How much can one person take?  If you were berated and beaten for your beliefs, how long would you remain peaceful until you struck back?  Would you have the patience to remain true to your convictions?  Would you leave your home and all that you know in order to keep the peace?

In this episode, Qasim and Salaam follow the early Muslim migrants who fled their homes in Mecca and the persecution of the Quraysh, crossed the Red Sea and found refuge with a just Christian King.

The RSI team will explain what they mean when they say "It's expensive to be poor" and why the Quraysh may just be the where Corporate Lobbying originated.  You will learn how the words of Jafar saved the lives of all of the refugees and how The Lion King, The Matrix and a group of fleeing Hobbits tie in to the Holy Prophet's journey from Mecca.

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