Re-Sight Islam

Fight or Flight

August 7, 2018

In this episode of Re-Sight Islam, host Qasim Rashid is once again joined by lawyer and stand-up comedian Salaam Bhatti. as they continue with part 2 of the opening trilogy that emphasizes the life of Prophet Mohammed.

When faced with hatred and discrimination - threats and great personal loss – how would you respond? Do you fight back or do you suffer in peace? 

Find out how Muslims made an alliance with Christians and Jews in the early days of Islam and the immense benefits that resulted for everyone.

Understand how, in the true faith of Islam "Jews and Muslims are equal human beings in the eyes of God".

And finally, learn how Star Wars, Julius Cesar, the Magna Carta, Spartans and a hit Broadway Musical tie in to all of the above.

Have a listen and let’s break bread together!


 ********** We had reports of some technical glitches in the original release (Apologies!).  These have been fixed with a fresh recording and remix... please download and take a listen to the New and Improved Episode 2  (13 August 2018) *************


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