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To Each His Own

February 19, 2019

Season 2 - Episode 26 - To Each His Own - One of the most misinterpreted aspects of the Islamic faith is that it is intolerant of the faith of others.  The words of the Holy Prophet, himself, honor a pluralistic society where tolerance for the religion of others must be honored.  Unfortunately, many of those who profess Islam do not even understand this basic tenet that was professed within the pages of the Quran. 

In this episode, Qasim and Salaam relate the troubling years in which the followers of Islam were interred in the Valley of Abu Talib and were subjected to isolation and starvation designed to break their faith.

Find out more about Salaam's obsession with Capri Sun and a clean posterior.  What do ants have to do with the salvation of the starving Muslims?  What was Abu Talib's final message to the Quraysh?  How did the Holy Prophet treat those who worshiped idols - even when they were family members?  And who REALLY is the Silver Power Ranger?

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