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Madman, Magician or Man of God?

February 8, 2019

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Madman, Magician or Man of God - A man is defined by his actions.  It doesn't matter what names you are called or what lies are told about you as long as you have remained true to yourself and to God.  The Holy Prophet Muhammad was faced with lies about his character and his purpose and met them with a conviction buoyed by his actions and his faith.

In this episode, Qasim and Salaam take a look as some of the mental and physical hardships and torment suffered by the early Muslims at the hands of their neighbors.  How would you have handled it? Would you have done as Muhammad did?

The team will help you understand the importance of the Haj as it predates Islam.  You will find out the lengths a true friend will go.  Salaam and Qasim will explain the connection between Monty Python, Mark Twain and the Holy Prophet. AND You will see why Islam believes in the importance of education for both MEN and WOMEN.

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