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Power and Influence

February 1, 2019

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Power and Influence - Who has your back?  Really, who can you count on in life to be your hero when the chips are down and when the world seems to be against you.  We all need to have that one friend, spouse or relative that we can lean on and who will go the distance for you in tough times.  

In this episode, Qasim and Salaam talk about the struggle between Power and Influence in the early days of Islam.  When the Meccans saw the influence of the Prophet Muhammad eating away at their traditional hold on power, they sought retribution.  But Holy Prophet had someone in his corner who was willing to risk it all to fulfill his commitment to family and to his word.

In this episode, Salaam's true identity will finally be revealed!  We will discuss what a real life hero really is and find out the difference between insults and the cold, hard truth.  Qasim also dives into one of the universal truths in religion - "Love thy neighbor"- and what it means to the people of early Islam and how it really impacts us today.

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