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August 21, 2018

In this episode of Re-Sight Islam, host Qasim Rashid is once again joined by attorney and stand-up comedian, Salaam Bhatti.  Join them as they walk you through the early days of Islam that include the final days of the Prophet Mohammed and the trials and tribulations of the early followers of the faith.

This episode asks the question "what is the price of your faith?"  It examines the atrocities committed against the Prophet's followers in an attempt to get them to deny their faith. This episode further addresses the similarities between the barbarians of old and the barbarians of the present day - ISIS/ Daesh, Al Qaeda and other terrorists - who dishonor those who believe in peaceful coexistence of people of all faiths.

Qasim and Salaam pose their definition of "imbicile" in Arabic, talk about some of the drop-the-mike moments of Hazrat Abu Bakr (the First Khalifa), and outline why Serving God and Serving Humanity are inseparable responsibilities for every Muslim.

Have a listen, and let's break bread together!


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